Bold predictions for 2011

With the 2011 season already here, I did an unofficial survey around my school asking general questions about baseball. Some of these questions included:
Do you follow the MLB? Do you have a favorite team? Do you have a favorite player?
I also asked for bold predictions from anyone who pays attention to the sport. Knowing I am a Marlins fan, one of my friends told me simply, “It will not be the Marlins this year.” But one person said the Cubs will make it back to the playoffs. With that stated, and my strong interest in the Marlins, these are my predictions for 2011.

Bold Marlins Predictions:
Mike Stanton will hit 42 home runs.
Ricky Nolasco will throw a no-hitter.
Hanley will hit .350.

Mike Stanton made his debut last year in June. He only played in 100 games, but hit 22 home runs. His raw power is amazing. It would not surprise me if he wins a silver slugger in the near future.

Ricky Nolasco might not be as reliable and consistently sharp as Josh Johnson, but when he’s on, there’s no doubt about it. In 2009 he recorded 16 strikeouts in a September game against the Braves, including a streak of nine straight. Nolasco has the stuff to throw a no-no; it’s only a matter of time before he cashes in.

Hanley Ramirez had a down year in 2010, hitting .300, and garnering attention for not hustling out a booted ball in May. His talent is amazing, and in different seasons has hit .300, 30 home runs, 100 RBIs, and had 30 stolen bases, but not yet all in one year. This may be the year he breaks through and gets it done.

General Predictions for the MLB:
Neither the Giants nor the Rangers will make it past the wild card round of the playoffs.
Derek Jeter will hit below 300.
Josh Hamilton will lead the MLB in home runs.
The Pirates will lose 100 games.
The Nationals will win at least 75 games.

2011 Playoffs:
AL: Rays, Twins, Angels, Wild Card-Yankees.
NL: Braves, Cardinals, Rockies, Wild Card-Phillies.
World Series: Rays vs. Braves (Rays 4-2)

These are completely random predictions based on what I’ve seen from all these teams in the off-season and spring training. I hope I am right, for the sake of bragging, but I also hope I’m wrong and the Marlins win the World Series.

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