Marlins lose opening series

After an exciting win opening night, the Marlins went on to lose the next two games in the series against New York. On Tuesday they continue at home versus the Nationals.

On Saturday, the Fish forced extra innings, but allowed three runs in the tenth. Ricky Nolasco pitched seven solid innings on Saturday, allowing just two runs and seven hits. The Marlins scored a tying run in the ninth on Gregg Dobbs’ pinch-hit single. The Mets took a commanding lead in the tenth, and the Marlins could only make up one run of the deficit. Ryan Webb got the loss in the Mets 6-4 victory.

Facing R.A. Dickey on Sunday, Florida could not get their offense going and Javy Vasquez wasn’t on his game. Willie Harris and Ike Davis went deep for New York on Sunday. The knuckleballer, Dickey, pitched six solid innings for the Mets as they shut down the Marlins. At a 2-1 mark, the Mets get set for a series against undefeated Philadelphia.

The Marlins and the Nationals meet in Miami Tuesday night for the first of their 18 games together in 2011. I enjoy watching my two favorite teams square off because they are both young and exciting clubs who provide entertaining baseball. I will be watching all three of their match-ups this week.

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