First game of the year: Marlins at Nationals 5.14.11

Saturday was projected to be gloomy well before the day came, and it was no different in the morning.

I didn’t mind the gloomy weather because I landed club level seats. Upon arrival at Nationals Park, the racing presidents were out on half street as usual. Since I’m always decked out in Marlins garb, I get taunted by them in some way.

To my disappointment there was no batting practice Saturday due to the lousy weather. The last two games I have been to there have lacked BP (I am still yet to see Mike Stanton take batting practice; I’m hoping to get that chance in July when the Fish return to D.C.). So arriving an hour and a half early was now useless, so I went down by the dugout where there were some more Marlins fans I could hang with.

It was pups in the park promotion day in D.C., so at about noon, a parade of dogs and dog owners sauntered around the perimeter of the field. Throughout the hour leading up to the game, Craig Minervini gave his pre-game analysis right outside the dugout. Although I couldn’t understand what he was saying, it was enjoyable anyway. Also, right before the first pitch I saw him right outside the elevators, but he didn’t get on mine.

At about 12:30 players started filing one-by-one out of the dugout, greeted by kids’ autograph requests. I’ve already gotten most of my favorite players to sign various items for me, so I’m not too interested in signatures. However I did get Scott Cousins to sign a baseball because I had one on me.

With about five minutes before first pitch, I raced to the elevators, where I saw Craig, and proceeded to the seats. Despite being low mezzanine on the first base side, no foul balls came our way during the game. Anibal Sanchez and Livan Hernandez both pitched phenomenally . Sanchez had a three-hit shutout going through the eighth, but had to exit. Anibal also had his first hit of the year, in the third inning.

With the club level comes a lot better concourse full of cuisines and amenities. The prices are insanely high, but the food is good regardless.

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