Sabean’s comments spark war of words

Nearly two weeks has passed since Scott Cousins and Buster Posey’s unfortunate home plate collision, but Giants’ GM Brian Sabean reignited the seemingly dormant feud between the two clubs with his harsh statements directed at the Marlins and Cousins yesterday. Sabean was speaking on the Giants flagship radio station in San Francisco when he blamed Cousins directly for Posey’s injury:

“If I never hear from Cousins again or he never plays another day in the big leagues, I think we’ll all be happy… he chose to be a hero, and [that fame] is as good as it’s gonna get. We’ll have a long memory.”

Those words were viewed as harsh for everybody who published them and were quickly responded to by members of both the Marlins and the Giants. I firmly believe that Sabean should have considered Cousins’ initial comments after the incident before calling him out. The day after he injured Posey, he said he couldn’t sleep all night and continuously contacted the Giants to check up on Posey’s condition.What more do you want from him? This play happens every year in Major League Baseball, and it was merely a stroke of misfortune which injured the young catcher. Baseball is a sport of split second decisions, Cousins made a necessary choice with unfortunate consequences. If Posey was not injured, whether or not Cousins was safe or out, we would be praising him for his courage and it is unlikely the rules of conduct at home plate would have been questioned as a result.

Both Logan Morrison and Scott Cousins responded to these comments. Respectfully from Cousins (paraphrased):

“I hope that Mr. Sabean’s comments were made in the heat of the moment and more of his fondness of Posey than his animosity towards me. As I have said, nobody outside of Buster feels worse about the situation than me.”

Cousins went on to explain how he had reached out to Posey directly and that he still holds strong to his belief that the play was completely within the rules of the game. The more outspoken Logan Morrison stated (paraphrased also):

“I hope Sabean apologizes because what he said was wildly inappropriate and unprofessional, and shows his ignorance. He showed no compassion toward a human being going through a hard time.”

Morrison continued by saying if he were Sabean, he would have retained his comments until the death threats to Cousins had receded. Apparently, the Frisco-area native has received death threats via internet over the past week or so. Morrison wasn’t done; he said, “that’s immature. That’s childish.” The twitterliscous Morrison also tweeted supporting Cousins:

“I hope Scott plays many more games in the big leagues for us. Very talented ballplayer, great teammate, and even better friend.”

The Giants issued a statement in response and in atonement for Sabean’s inappropriate comments (paraphrased):

“Sabean’s comments were said out of frustration and pure concern for Posey, and were not meant to harm Cousins. He has been communicating with Florida GM Larry Bienfest to clarify the fact that his comments were in no way meant to harm Cousins.”

In both the Giants statement and Sabean’s initial statement there was something fishy (no pun intended). Sabean was asked whether his preliminary comments were “somewhat harsh” by radio host Ralph Barbieri. He responded with the comment calling Cousins choice as an attempt to be a hero, and will not have future big league fame. There, he had a chance to redeem himself, but chose to dig himself into a deeper hole in the incident. Then the Giants said that Sabean’s remarks were make out of frustration during this difficult time for the organization. But the incident occurred early last week, and the feud had mostly simmered. The heat of the moment is gone, which makes Sabean’s calling out of Cousins even more “immature and unprofessional,” thanks LoMo.

Following up my last post, and this is fresh from Logan Morrison’s twitter account, Morrison did the math, and if each of his twitter followers votes for Gaby Sanchez 25 times, Gaby will get 814, 150 votes.

On a more personal note, I know that Cousins is a great guy and would never mean harm to anyone. I saw him at Nationals Park and called to him from the opposite end of the dugout; he was glad to come over and sign a baseball for me and a few other kids.

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