You’ve gotta be kidding me

I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t write another post until the Marlins win another game, but I’m afraid we might be waiting a little while for that. I’m also not going to throw stats out there that the Marlins are on an x-game losing streak, or have lost x of their last y games. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is their current ability to win games, which is practically nonexistent. The Fish are not a last place team, but right now they are tied for it in the NL East with Los Nationales. I have to deal with a lot of Phillies fans in my life, and this week was as bad is it could have been.

The first two games in Philadelphia this week for Florida were promising in the first inning. In each game, the Marlins mustered a run in the top of the first. And in each of those two games they lost that lead in the last half of the first and never regained it. In the second game of the doubleheader yesterday, the Fish held a lead going into the ninth, 4-2, a lead they held throughout the entire game. Unfortunately, Leo Nuñez blew a save in the last of the ninth, surrendering a two run single to Shane Victorino. In the tenth inning, Carlos Ruiz won the game with a single of his own.

Florida hadn’t been swept until the beginning of this month, but they have gone winless in a few series since then. Including sweeps by Milwaukee, Atlanta, and now possibly Philadelphia. Javy Vasquez takes the mound this afternoon in Philly, attempting to salvage a game for the Marlins.

I’ll keep this post short and not-so-sweet because most of the facts apparent on the baseball field.

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