Marlins rocked out of Miami

I guess we have substantial evidence now that South Florida’s priorities lie in categories other than baseball. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never even been to a Marlins home game. But apparently Pro Player, no wait, Dolphin, no…Land Shark. I forget what it’s name is, but the multi-purpose stadium in Miami Gardens apparently takes four days to transform from a baseball configuration into a building suitable for hosting a rock concert.

The Marlins are being forced to “host” a series against the Mariners in Seattle this weekend by the Irish band U2. I wouldn’t approve of this if it were any other band, and quite honestly I would rather go to a U2 concert at Sun Life Stadium than a Marlins game…at least in June of 2011. The concert is not until Wednesday, but as stated it takes four days to prep the park.

So yesterday the Fish docked in Seattle after making the longest trip possible in Major League Baseball. That is, Miami to Seattle. The distance between the two seaside cities is over 2,700 miles. Flying that distance would take at least 5 1/2 hours nonstop. If one drives, they would end up traveling over 3,300 miles, which would take 2 days and 6 hours nonstop (thank you google maps). It looks like driving would take one through 12 states.

Playing a home series in a visiting ballpark is rare, but not unheard of. Last year the Blue Jays were forced to play in Philadelphia due to the G20 Summit being held in Toronto. The Marlins also considered playing the series in Puerto Rico, as they did with the Mets last year voluntarily, but that was ruled out. So no choice was left but to play a home series in the Mariners park.

Traditionally, the home team bats last, wears white (or alternate uniforms), and gets cool music to walk up to the plate to. The Marlins got all of those last night, but on Intentional Talk, Chris Rose did not think those were enough to make the Fish feel more at home. He suggested the Mariners be forced to use the visiting clubhouse and dugout, stay in a hotel, and take a bus to the game. Sounds good to me!

“Home” cooking did not quite get it done for the Marlins last night when the team lost a record 21st game in June. King Felix was as magnificent as it gets going eight full allowing just one run on two hits. The Mariners scored three runs in the seventh to take the lead in their stadium of blinding lights. They never looked back.

I’ll go crazy if the Marlins don’t win tonight.

3 thoughts on “Marlins rocked out of Miami

  1. They can say it’s a Marlins ‘home game’ but if it’s being played at Safeco the Mariners have a huge advantage. As you said the Jays were forced to move their series to Philly last year and even though they played as the ‘home team’ Philly had no trouble sweeping them.

  2. mlblogsfishfry55 June 25, 2011 — 4:22 pm

    That’s exactly the thing. The Marling miss out on 3 games of home revenue too. It’s not as if they were going to attract the whole state of Florida, but they need every penny they can get right now. Glad to see the Jays hanging around .500. I wish I could say that about the Marlins.

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