LoMo: “Known for everything but baseball.”

Logan Morrison visited the MLB Fan Cave last week for the second time this year while the Marlins were in New York for a three game series. Morrison was “attacked” by a praying mantis last week at Nationals Park. But by “attacked,” you should understand that the insect was sitting on the dugout railing and jumped on LoMo after being stared down. Asked if he was surprised the incident went viral, Logan responded:

“No, I’m not. I’m gonna be know for everything but baseball I believe. I was doing questions today on facebook, and they’re asking me about twitter, they’re asking me about…the praying mantis, …about Mike Stanton. But nothing about baseball.”

Logan reenacted the incident at the Fan Cave with a man in a praying mantis suit. “You’d have to pay me a lot of money to get me in that suit,” he said of the actor chasing him around the Cave.

I assume if the MLB kept a social media stat, Morrison would be near the top of the list. He’s a fun loving, fan friendly guy; so even if he’s not a hall of fame outfielder, he is still very much appreciated in the Marlins clubhouse. Morrison said he’s not annoyed with the non-baseball attention because, “it’s just part of it.”

Jack McKeon jokes about Morrison’s twitter hobby, and even calls him “twitter.” LoMo promises that he only uses social media in his spare time, not during game day preparations or anything.

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