Helms released; Morrison demoted

Following the Marlins 3-0 loss to the Giants, the team made two surprising moves. Logan Morrison was optioned to triple-A New Orleans and the veteran Wes Helms was released from the team.

As for Morrison, the outfielder is hitting .249, but is still an integral part of Florida’s daily lineup. He has a reputation of being widely outspoken in the clubhouse, and in many opinions has become more of a distraction than a key player. He did not take the decision lightly:

“I’m heartbroken. Disappointed. I asked for an explanation, and I didn’t get anything. [T]he reason why I was hitting .240 is because I was getting a guy in from third by rolling over ground balls and not worrying about average.”

To be on Morrison’s side here, he does have a point. He has produced for the team in little ways by getting productive outs, scoring runners or moving them along. A .249 average is nothing too ugly in comparison to the Marlins this year. For everyday players, Greg Dobbs leads the team with a .291 average. And Logan Morrison is sixth on the team with his .249 mark. Considering there are eight position players who take the field on a daily basis, Morrison is one of the better players on the major league team.

But the Marlins said they optioned LoMo in order to get a look at some prospects and to get them major league experience. Chris Coghlan is still in Triple-A after he started the season hitting .230. Coghlan and Morrison are both in the long term plan for Florida unlike Mike Cameron. Cameron, a 38 year old center fielder was picked up by Florida this season to give them veteran support and fill a spot in the depth chart. He will no likely return next year. A more reasonable move would have been to release Cameron and give Coghlan more major league time.

Right now, with Morrison and Coghlan both in the minors, it is not clear exactly what the Marlins are setting up for going into their new stadium.

As for Helms, he was hitting .190 and took the news a whole lot better than LoMo:

“I owe Florida a lot, they gave me an opportunity in ’06, and we built a great relationship. I had some good years here and got to know these young guys well. I wish them the best. They were good to me.”

He went on to say that he might “manage these kids in the future.” Helms has talked about his interest in coaching in the past, and has said that he dreams of managing the Marlins.

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