SportsCenter Top 10…bias?

“The Year of the Walk-off,” as dubbed by Yankee nation in 2009, featured eight, count them, eight walk-off home runs. I will personally guarantee you that at least five of the eight were number one on SportsCenter’s daily “Top 10 plays” segment. The other three, I guarantee, were either number three or number two on the list. Why? Because anything Yankees is the better over any other option.

I clicked the “highlights” link on this morning and saw Ryan Zimmerman’s walk-off grand slam from last night at the top. I thought for sure this would make number one or number two on the Top 10. To my disgust, it was number eight. Why? Because it’s the Nationals.

I have a problem with walk off home runs on the Top 10 all together. It’s just a home run. You don’t see any other home runs make SportsCenter’s elite reel. I understand, though, it is because of the clutch situation and the big celebration, but it’s still just a home run. Just as the weird, not-really-sports-related clips the ESPN show gets from the United Kingdom always land the number 10 spot; I think every walk-off home run should be featured at number 10. Walk-off homers are worth seeing, but barring special circumstances (like playoffs or World Series) should not be at the top of the list.

I’m probably not the first person to write about bias being characterized in the Top 10, and definitely not the first person to think it.

On a similar note, every time the Phillies come to play at Nationals Park, the place becomes packed with die hards and band wagoners alike sporting Philadelphia gear. It was nice to see the Nats hand it to them with last night’s ninth inning comeback.

I think a fan club of the Nationals, or the Marlins, because they undertake a similar treatment from Phillies fans, should organize a mass trip to Philadelphia, buy out at least half the stadium, and flood it with the away team’s fans. I’d love to see Citizens’ Bank Park with a nice teal accent. Any one else on board?

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