How far?…

A few weeks ago I posted this: “50 homers for Mike Stanton.”

Mike Stanton at that point had just hit his 50th career home run, and I made the bold prediction of saying he will reach the 500 HR mark in his career. The slugger is just 21 years old, and has hit balls farther than I thought was humanly possible.

The Marlins are currently leading the Braves 2-0 on two solo homers by Stanton. Both of the shots top the one I mentioned in that other post as being the most impressive. The first tonight was a towering bomb that landed about 10 rows up in the CLOSED upper deck of Sun Life Stadium. And the second was a “blue-seater” into left-center field. But by left center I mean: If centerfield was at 90 degrees and the left field foul pole was 45 degrees, the ball landed at about 83 degrees. So it was mostly centerfield.
“Blue-seater” is merely the term used by Marlins’ announcers Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton to describe a long home run into the club seats in left field. The blue seats are just higher up than the orange seats.

I believe that Stanton was unleashing the frustration he built up during the homer-less Washington series. Stanton says that he loves hitting at Nationals Park, and has the numbers to prove it. See: “50 homers for Mike Stanton.”

As for the two home runs tonight, they both were monster blasts, as previously mentioned. With new technology, home runs are able to be measured by distance in feet, and apparently the distance is determined by the seat it lands in. But most of Stanton’s homers are still traveling laterally when they hit a seat. Therefore, I think measuring Stanton’s shots is impossible. His second shot tonight was one of those liners:

If there were no seats, that ball lands 500 feet from home plate (judging by the 434 sign in center).

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