Guillen to Florida?

This week we have been getting clues as to who will man this dugout in 2012. And the biggest lead came today from the Chicago White Sox.

Managers have been traded before, but not in quite the same circumstances as the reported deal between the Marlins and the White Sox. Reliable sources, including reported tonight that Ozzie Guillen is currently managing his last game for the Chicago White Sox.

There are literally two days left in the regular season. Why not wait two days? I have no clue…any thoughts? And it is reported that this is some sort of “trade” that would send Guillen to Miami, meaning the Marlins would have to give up something, right? This reported “deal” will take effect after the conclusion of Chicago’s game against Toronto tonight. It is reported that the deal will have Chicago releasing Guillen of his contract, and the Marlins giving up two minor leaguers as compensation. Oswaldo Martinez has been mentioned as one of the possible minor leaguers.

Even though this type of move is not unprecedented, it came at a strange, yet ironic time. Guillen made it apparent earlier in the year that this would be his last year in Chicago, but switching managers with two days left in the season is peculiar. And Jack McKeon announced his retirement this week as soon as the season ends saying, “hopefully in 2017 or 2018, I’ll be back.” If he does come back then, he would pass legendary Connie Mack as the oldest MLB manager in history.

3 thoughts on “Guillen to Florida?

  1. What about MLB requirements that a minority must be interviewed? Does Ozzie qualify?

    1. I believe the Marlins plan to conduct an interview with Guillen, if they haven’t already. But reports right now signify there are already talks regarding a 4-year contract with Miami.

  2. It has become official that the White Sox will get Oswaldo Martinez and Jhan Marinez in compensation for releasing Ozzie Guillen.

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