What ever happened to…

The offseason (at least for the Marlins) has come, and there is only so much I can possibly talk about on this blog that would interest a baseball fan aside from the information anybody can find on MLB.com. I will continue posting updates on the up-and-coming Miami Marlins. Expect those posts when something big happens like when they sign a free agent, make a trade, and probably on November 11th when they announce their new uniforms and logos. In the meantime, though, I was thinking of doing semi-frequent, maybe weekly, posts about former Marlins who made names for themselves in Miami, and then seemed to drop off the face of the baseball world after a year or so off the team.

Potential candidates for these “What ever happened to…” posts are:

Scott Olsen, Josh Willingham, Matt Treanor, Alfredo Amezaga, Brett Carroll (fan favorite), Jeremy Hermida, and possibly Dontrelle Willis, although most people are aware of what has happened to him.

Guys that will not be in this series are Cody Ross and Miguel Cabrera because they both fared better NOT in south Florida.

I already know I am going to write about Scott Olsen in the first entry, but I am very much open to suggestions regarding the choices I have mentioned or anybody you think I should talk about.

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