On a positive note

I want to be as positive as possible before Friday, so lets’ start on a good note: Thanks to all the folks at MLBlogs who decided to put my blog on the jumbo screen, considering I didn’t even apply! Nonetheless, it was greatly appreciated and I look forward to entertaining my new audience in the coming months/years. And for anyone wondering, the photo on the MLBlogs page of Burke Badenhop and me at Nationals Park was taken in July, and I wrote about the game in the post, Dollar Dog Night at Nats Park

Another shout-out: Thanks to Rays Renegade and fellow baseball fans/bloggers who

How could an idea so wonderful lead to colors so hideous?

are also acknowledging the potential disaster coming on Friday when we know for sure what the new Miami Marlins will look like on the field in 2012. It’s not just the fact that Marlins lovers will potentially be losing the iconic teal, it’s the fact that it is all too possible that there will be no sensible color scheme in the new team. Just click on the Rays Renegade link above and you will know that I have no need to explain.

However, moving forward into a new stadium has many great positives for this team. The first, and most obvious, is the increased amount of revenue resulting in the capability to spend more freely.  In what might be the most sensible release by the team since the season ended, just this week it was reported that the Marlins have interest in signing both Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle. I would not be surprised by the signing of either of these two players, granted they are both proven veterans. Buehrle is the safer signing of the two, given his consistent yearly wins total of 12-15 games and a solid 3.83 career ERA. The Fish are in need of a left-handed starter as well as a number two to Josh Johnson. C.J. Wilson has been another name thrown around as a potential Marlins signing, and either of the latter two would be good fits.

Now Jose Reyes has played the same position as a player who is also a household name, who is also a speedy all-star, and who also happens to already play for the Marlins. Yes, the signing of Reyes would mean that either he or Hanley Ramirez would have to switch positions. Third base has not been a solid position for Florida since 2008 when the hot corner was manned by Jorge Cantú. There has been discussion that Hanley would move to third if Reyes was signed, or that Chris Coghlan, who played infield in the minors, would make the switch from the outfield, or there is the simple, natural option of Matt Dominguez being big league ready by the start of the regular season in April. Whatever the decision may be, don’t sign Reyes if the future is unclear. There are too many other options that would not require spending the money that would be necessary on Reyes. And of course, in the last couple of years, Jose Reyes has been prone to injuries. Even if he gets signed, and the future looks perfect, there is always the lingering possibility of Reyes tweaking his leg again, and being sidelined for several months.

I won’t stress over any of this free agent stuff too much. When all is said and done, we will have let the Marlins answer all of our questions…the same thing that they will have to do after the logos are released on Friday. Although I do not have the power to change anything moves the front office makes, I will make sure to watch the Marlins’ offseason closely, and pour out my thoughts onto this blog.

7 thoughts on “On a positive note

  1. And another thing about the new colors… If the players agree to put on a few pounds each, the dugout will look like a row of Halloween pumpkins. Ugh! No…make that Double Ugh!

    1. Yeah, well that would make the whole situation even worse. I can’t see the team putting on those *interesting* orange hats with yellow bills.

  2. I too cringe at what the Marlins are going to reveal tomorrow. They are the only team who currently sports a black and teal design and when you see it you think ‘Marlins.’ Orange and black and blue are Met coulours….

    But on the other hand I can’t wait to see the new stadium. I don’t care what PETA says, I think the aquarium is going to look awesome.


    1. Yes! I completely agree. Teal and Black is just who the team is, it’s who I WANT the team to be, as do many other fans. The orange, black, and whatever ditzy yellow that is just makes me try to fathom how ANYONE in the front office would come up with this and let it pass through by thinking it is “new and original” when baseball is a sport that doesn’t call for flashy colors. The new stadium I believe will be great, but I REALLY wanted to see the Teal and Black in it. I already can’t wait for throwback day! Let’s just hope all these leaks are shams.

  3. Congratuations on getting the cover page spot! Eh, I think ugly uniforms are a sad right of passage for most teams. You almost have to go through it at some point. At least they aren’t the White Sox shorts! But if the team wears ugly uniforms but gets a few more key pieces, suddenly everyone will want one of those “interesting” hats.
    — Kristen

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate readers! Well you are definitely right, if the Marlins start performing, everyone will look past their ugly uniforms. Let’s just hope for the best!

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