Marlins will meet with Pujols is reporting that the Marlins plan to meet with first baseman Albert Pujols in the coming days, and maybe even as early as Saturday. This offseason, Pujols will be on the free agent market for the first time in his career, and many teams have expressed interest in the three-time MVP.

As I mentioned in this post: Pujols to stay in St. Louis, I would find it surprising if Pujols chose to sign with a team other than St. Louis. As long as the Cardinals give him a reasonable offer, and there are no internal problems between Pujols and the team, I don’t see why he would leave his World Champion Redbirds.

With the move into the new stadium, the Fish are looking for a new beginning, which will involve a few big name players. In the situation that Pujols does sign with the Marlins, he and Mike Stanton will probably be in the same hitting group. And that means that the Marlins would have the most entertaining batting practice in the MLB. More importantly, the signing of Pujols would mean that Gaby Sanchez would be a valuable trade piece. This factor can give the Marlins more options for acquiring bullpen, starting pitching, or centerfield help.

4 thoughts on “Marlins will meet with Pujols

  1. I too would be surprised if Pujols left the Cardinals. On the other side of things, if the Marlins have 25 million a year to throw around, I don’t think tying it all up into one player would be a great idea. Not until they see what kind of attendance the new stadium is going to bring. Still, I like the idea of them going for the gusto.

  2. You’re probably right. The Marlins have too many needs right now to be focusing solely on the big names like Pujols and Reyes.

  3. Ken Rosenthal has reported that the Marlins have made a “substantial” offer to Albert Pujols, and have also made an offer to Reyes

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