Marlins’ contract offer to Reyes

Last week, I posted: On a positive note, in which I mentioned the Marlins meeting with Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes. And then on that big Friday for the Fish, I posted: Marlins will meet with Pujols. That night, news came out from Ken Rosenthal on MLB Network that Miami offered contracts of “substantial” amounts to both Reyes and Pujols.

Now we have one answer to the lingering questions in our minds regarding the actual substance of those offers. Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro reported today that Rosenthal and John Paul Morosi announced the offer to Reyes was worth $90 million over six years. If Reyes choses to play for Ozzie Guillen in Miami, which he has expressed interest in doing, he would become the highest-paid player in Marlins history.

To be determined later: What will happen to Hanley Ramirez? Last week, Hanley stated, “I consider myself the shortstop.” Ramirez would likely move to third base if Reyes is signed.

In addition to Pujols, Miami has reportedly made offers to both Buehrle and pitcher Ryan Madson.

2 thoughts on “Marlins’ contract offer to Reyes

  1. I thought Hanley had already offered to move to third if it meant signing Reyes? Eh, if it means a better team, he’ll probably get used to the idea. In the end, he’s a good competitor and wants to win.
    — Kristen

    1. He had expressed the idea of moving to third, but he never came out and stated he wanted to switch. I think he got used to being a stud too quickly, he’s still a very young player compared to most of the league, so he better figure out how to deal with the switch.

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