Quick Note on Current Rumors

My one piece of advice to the Marlins front office for this ENTIRE offseason:

Please don’t trade for Carlos Zambrano!!!

That is all.

Basically (and most Marlins fans agree with this), a bad-tempered, loud-mouthed, doomed for trouble player is the last thing that this rejuvenated team needs. We saw last year what happened to the kid after he gave up a load of runs in Atlanta. And right now, Ozzie Guillen will provide enough of the colorful commentary for the entire franchise…we don’t need another outspoken attraction.

I think we should start a petition right here. I believe all of my readers agree with me given the fact that the poll I put up on a recent post asked “which (of a group) of these pitchers will most likely end up with Miami,” and until these rumors of a trade came out, no one had selected Zambrano. Currently, the rotation is great, and it can be elite with another All-Star pitcher…but not Big Z.


1 thought on “Quick Note on Current Rumors

  1. The deal was recently finalized. Zambrano to Marlins in exchange for Chris Volstad. The Cubs will defray most of Z’s remaining contract.

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