Another Series Win in May

The hottest baseball team in the league just clinched another series. The Miami Marlins are now 16-5 in May and have won six series this month alone, as well as splitting two two-game series. This streak is simply because Miami’s starting pitchers are settling into their grooves and the offense is producing.

Ozzie Guillen made it clear that the Marlins would be tough to beat because of their pitching. With a veteran rotation and solid bullpen talent, Guillen suspected that Miami would be able to stay in games, and be in position to win them late. And when the bullpen falls short, Miami’s batting order is full of stud power, especially from the bats of Hanley Ramirez and Giancarlo Stanton.

In the first two games of the Colorado series this week, Miami fell into a first inning deficit. On Monday, Mark Buehlre yielded four runs in the top of the first. But Giancarlo Stanton powered through as his predictable, monstrous self and crushed a laser of a grand slam to give the Marlins a lead in the fourth inning. Miami could not get any home run support on Tuesday, but gradually and surely built up a three run lead after the Rockies scored three in the first. Scoring seven runs in each game, the Marlins took the first two contests to clinch their sixth series in May.

However they may be doing it, the Marlins are winning games for sure. Players are stepping up and fulfilling their duties. Most notably, Heath Bell has successfully saved his last four games, and now has seven saves on the season.

Competing in the NL East, the Marlins may have the toughest schedule in baseball. But so far so good this season as Miami is winning and Philadelphia is losing. Honestly as long as the Phillies miss the playoffs this year, I will be happy. This is still more of a transition season for the Marlins, for obvious reasons, and I be too surprised or disappointed if they miss the playoffs. As far as the rest of the division goes, I do not believe the Mets are much of a real threat, and with all of Philadelphia’s injuries and aging players, I think their 2007-2011 domination era is over. My prediction is that Washinton and Atlanta will battle for the division down the stretch, and the Marlins could make things exciting with a late season push.

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  1. GO, MIAMI !

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