On Tap: Anything you can do, Mike Stanton can do better

There’s a new Giancarlo Stanton home run that should be considered the most impressive. Last night, big Mike crushed a 2-1 offering from Ryan Voglesong into the Budweiser bar, deep in left-center field.

Now, as you will see in this video, there is a “427” marker just under the bar on that high green wall. ESPN’s hit-tracker marked the blast at 458-feet. But those two measurements may have been merely the distance from home plate. The two numbers do not accurately reflect the monstrosity of that homer though, because the top of the Budweiser bar, where the blast hit, is a good 30-40 feet above the playing field. You have to think if that ball went anywhere where the fans were not up so high, it would have hit closer to 470 or 480 feet from the plate.

I stood up right next to that bar when I was at Marlins park last month, and it feels even

Picture I took from near the bar in DEEP left-center field

higher than it looks when you get up there. I never would have guessed that anyone would hit a home run up there, but Stanton can defy any odds when it comes to home runs.

Another fascinating aspect of this home run: As is apparent in the video, the pitch delivered from Voglesong was at Stanton’s knee’s, and he still not only hit it out, but hit a home run impressive enough to get it’s own blog post. Most of the homers Stanton hits are higher in the zone, or if they are lower, he doesn’t crush them like he did last night.

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