Marlins Trade Rumors Involve Hanley Ramirez

On Wednesday, reports came out that the Marlins and Red Sox were discussing a deal that involved Hanley Ramirez and Heath Bell in exchange for a package including Carl Crawford. Such a deal, which involves over $250 million in contracts, would be the second largest in major league history (second only to the deal that sent Alex Rodriguez to New York).

However, Buster Olney said on Wednesday night that talks had fizzled quickly. But trade discussions of equivalent proportions may pick up in the coming days. With the current instability of the Marlins’ performance, an unloading of salaries at the trade deadline may be for the better.

Both Bell and Ramirez have had issues of poor chemistry with the team, and it should not shock anyone if either of the two are traded. Since 2010, talks of trading Hanley Ramirez have come bi-annually as his performance has gone downhill.

Ramirez began his career in Boston, but was traded to Miami following the 2005 season. Since then, the Red Sox have frequently inquired about regaining Hanley, but have been denied by the Marlins’ front office. However, now may be the right time for Miami and Ramirez to part ways.

2 thoughts on “Marlins Trade Rumors Involve Hanley Ramirez

  1. It’s funny how some teams work hard to try to get back players they already lost. I’m from New York, so the obvious example is the Yankees regaining Nick Johnson and Javier Vazquez a little while back.

  2. That is interesting. It seems that players return to their former teams very often, and later in their careers like you mentioned with Johnson and Vasquez. I don’t think Hanley will spend his whole career with Miami, so he may very well return to Boston at some point.

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