Marlins Are Sellers: Infante and Anibal Traded

The Marlins and Tigers announced a completed deal Monday afternoon during a busy day on the baseball market. Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez are heading to Detroit, and in return, the Marlins will receive three minor leaguers, including the Tigers’ top pitching prospect Jacob Turner.

The Tigers are in need of second base production, something Infante can give them. Infante spent six years in Detroit’s organization between 2002 and 2007. The addition of Anibal Sanchez will add depth to the Tiger rotation.

Miami is endeavoring to re-stock their minor league system, which has taken a beating in recent history. However, this deal reveals that the Fish are sellers at this year’s deadline, contrasting the goal of their deal with Houston three weeks ago. In that trade, Miami dealt two highly-touted minor leaguers in exchange for Carlos Lee. Since then, the team has not seen the improvement they were looking for, and now appear to be sellers.

Unfortunately, Matt Dominguez was traded to the Astros in the Lee deal. He was the top third baseman in the Marlins’ system, and a candidate to replace Hanley Ramirez if Ramirez were to be traded.

The Fish might not be done unloading. is reporting that Carlos Lee, Randy Choate, and Josh Johnson might also be trade pieces the Marlins are offering.

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