Stanton Makes Himself at Home in Colorado

Some people just feel much more comfortable in certain venues. Giancarlo Stanton is one of those people, and that venue is Coors Field. On Thursday night, Stanton demolished his 22nd homer of the year in the Marlins’ 5-3 loss to the Rockies. As Tommy Hutton announced after the slugger circled the bases, it was Stanton’s fourth home run in as many games he has played at Coors Field.

Coors Field, due to its high elevation and moderate size, has always been a hitter’s park and is notorious for long home runs and slugfests. Stanton has certainly taken advantage of the home of the Rockies. A year ago, on August 15th, then-Mike Stanton crushed a first inning home run at Coors Field that was measured by Hittracker at 474 feet, officially the fourth-longest home run of 2011. However, I do not believe that was Stanton’s most impressive blast of last season, regardless of the “official” distance. A month later, he hit his last home run at Sun Life Stadium against the Braves. That hit stopped travelling 461 feet from the plate. It would have travelled much farther had it not been blocked by the bleachers.

Stanton’s success in Colorado is no fluke, he had similar success at Nationals Park in 2010 and the first half of 2011. The shortest of his four homers at Coors Field thus far measured a “mere” 433 feet. His other three travelled 456, 466, and 474 feet. Whatever the “official” distances may be, it is a sure fact that Giancarlo Stanton is comfortable hitting at Coors Field.

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