Miami Marlins, Alex Rodriguez Trade Rumors

As the Detroit Tigers were working on consummating their demolition of the Yankees in the ALCS this week, headlines focused on off-the-field rumors as much as the actual competition. Alex Rodriguez, who was out of the lineup for a large portion of the American League Championship Series, answered reporters’ questions about his status with the Yankees and possible trade talks.

The over-paid, underachieving, overrated, egotistical A-Rod is signed with New York through 2017 and is due over $100 million dollars. In my expert, obviously-annoyed, and slightly biased blogger opinion, none of the 29 other MLB teams should accept Rodriguez, no matter how much of his contract the Yankees cover.

Of course, Jeffrey Loria entered the Marlins into the trade conversation for the Yankee “legend.” Rodriguez has ties in Miami, as he attended college at the U, whose baseball field is named in his honor. But as I mentioned in my last post, the Marlins are building their new core, and the “Rodriguez Penetration” would be cancerous to the young Miami club.

All I have to say is that if Loria goes through with a trade for A-Rod, assuming these rumors are true, he is the least-patient, most narrow-minded man in all of business…everywhere. This better not happen.

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