The Domination Frustration: Guillen Fired, Hegemony Issues, Apropos Mockery, Star Wars, and A Failing Franchise

The Marlins have fired Ozzie Guillen.

On Tuesday, the Miami Marlins made the half-expected announcement that they have decided to fire their manager, Ozzie Guillen, who was hired for four years last October to manage the soon-to-be-rejuvenated Miami Marlins. There was just one problem: the front office.

As I have been trying to convey for the last year, at least, the Marlins’ front office has got some serious problems. Jeffrey Loria (owner), David Samson (Team President), and Larry Beinfest (President of Baseball Operations). None of the above have the credentials to be baseball leaders. The only decent guy is GM Michael Hill, who is not given nearly enough power, so little, in fact, that I had to look it up to make sure he was the GM.

This organization needs revamping from the top down. Honestly, I would have rather had Heath Bell and Guillen stick around for a few more years than Loria and his crew.

I’m not the only one who despises the manner in which this organization is led. Jeff Passan illustrates it nicely, speaking of Loira, the:

“megalomaniacal owner and his Napoleonic ex-stepson team president, who manage this franchise with the finesse of a chainsaw and the savvy of a slug.”

Passan wrote a satirical column mocking the Marlins’ leadership issues and the way in which the front office handles themselves. I highly recommend reading it. As I said, normally Passan’s negativity annoys me, especially when he exposes the Marlins. But I had to sit back and laugh at this one.

Earlier this year, I compared Loria to Darth Vader, and I realize now that that was mean spirited. I apologize to George Lucas who would never have created a character so enigmatic, untrustworthy, arrogant, and annoying. A better comparison would have been Alex Rodriguez.

And finally, more colorful words from Passan:

“Jeffrey Loria is the owner. He wants to be like George Steinbrenner, only people think he’s a joke. David Samson is the president. He conned politicians into spending hundreds of millions of dollars for an opulent new stadium that nobody went to.”

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