Astros Unveil New Uniforms

Just under one year ago, the Miami Marlins unveiled their new look and set their sights on a bright future in a new ballpark. Last night, the Houston Astros launched their new uniforms and logos, coinciding with their move to the American League

The Astros decided to embrace their past, and go retro with their “new” uniforms. They brought back the old navy blue and orange, as well as the Lone Star logo. The logo doesn’t look half-bad, but the Texan font is bland and unoriginal.

As it appears, they have three hats, all of which bear the ‘H’ logo on the star: one home hat, one road hat, and an alternate hat. The home cap is navy blue, the road hat is blue with an orange bill, and the alternate cap is entirely orange.

In my opinion, the away gray uniform, with the bi-color hat, is the sleekest combination the team has. But the whole thing just looks tacky compared to their old outfits.

In 2013, the Astros will be in the AL West, a move that numerically levels the two leagues. The switch will also bring year-round interleague play, as both leagues have an odd number of teams–15. The Astros may also be trying to turn a corner with their franchise by revamping their look. However, it didn’t work for the Marlins last year.

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