Video: 2011-2012 Pictures and Videos of My Baseball Travels

Since March of 2011, I have been writing this blog on the ups and downs of the Marlins as well as my personal baseball travels and experiences. This video/slideshow that I compiled includes images of the latter category. I included pictures from every game I have attended since last season. Check below for links to posts about specific games.


0:01 Marlins @ Nationals 5.14.11

0:14 Nationals @ Astros 7.18.11

0:40 Marlins @ Nationals 7.27.11

1:23 Marlins @ Nationals 9.16.11

1:37 Nationals @ Cardinals 4.1.12

2:25 Yankees @ Marlins 4.2.12

4:34 Marlins @ Nationals 4.20.12

4:40 Rays @ Nationals 6.21.12

4:58 Rockies @ Nationals 7.6.12

5:20 Phillies @ Dodgers 7.18.12

5:42 Astros @ Padres 7.19.12

6:06 Rockies @ Padres 7.20.12

6:21 Marlins @ Nationals 8.5.12

6:30 Marlins @ Nationals 9.7.12

As for my future travels, I’m sure the best is yet to come as I plan to visit more stadiums in the coming years. I hope you enjoyed the video.


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