Washington and Miami bidding for 2015 All Star Game

A little less than a month remains before teams set up their spring training camps in Arizona and Florida, and kick off the eight-month expedition that is the 2013 Major League Baseball season. However, during what is an exciting time for most baseball fans, optimistic about their ball clubs, the next major bright spot plausibly in the Marlins’ future is in two and half years, July of 2015.

The 2015 MLB All-Star Game will take place that summer, and it may very well happen in Miami. Since the Marlins’ Marlins Parkinception in 1993, South Florida has never hosted an MLB All-Star Game. The sleek, new Marlins Park gives Miami a legitimate claim to the game. Major League Baseball alternates the site of each All-Star Game year-to-year between a National League venue and an American League venue. Next year, the Mets will host at Citi Field, and the Twins have been awarded the 2014 game at Target Field in Minneapolis. The site of the 2015 game will likely be announced toward the end of this season.

Currently, the Marlins and Nationals are considered the frontrunners to host, but the Padres and Reds are also bidding for it. I would be exuberantly happy if either Miami or D.C. is awarded the game, but I think San Diego is deserving as well.

Due to their recent success, growing fan base, and new, above-average stadium, the Nationals are most likely to win the bid. Since Nationals Park has been open longer than Marlins Park, and because it hosts a much more relevant Nationals Parkteam, the All-Star Game in D.C just makes the most sense.

PETCO Park is one of the coziest stadiums in baseball. Situated in a vibrant city, it would make for an exciting All-Star site. Since PETCO was opened in 2004, before either Nationals or Marlins Park, the Padres have a fair argument to get priority.

However, despite the appealing qualities of both Nationals Park and PETCO Park, I personally hope that Miami is awarded the game because, as an appetizer to the All-Star Game, the Home Run Derby takes place at the same stadium the night before. If this were to take place at Marlins Park, the Home Run Sculpture would inevitably take some hits during both the derby as well as batting practice–a comical scene, to say the least.

When Bud Selig announced the site of the 2013 All-Star Game, he alluded to the fact that he had already decided where the 2014 and 2015 games would be played, but no official announcement has been made yet on the 2015 game.

2 thoughts on “Washington and Miami bidding for 2015 All Star Game

  1. Update: MLB will announce the site of the 2015 game on Wednesday. Reports say it will go to Cincinnati.

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