If You Win, They Will Come: Boosting Marlins Attendance

The Marlins have long had difficulty attracting fans to their home games. This year, more than ever, the marketing company will struggle to fill the seats. Some argue that Miami is geographically and culturally not fit to house a Major League Baseball team. The bigger reason, however, is success of the team.

My argument will be short, sweet, and in pictures (after some background info) for those of us who hate reading.

The following are two pictures I took from similar vantage points at Nationals Park. The first is from 2011, the second from 2012. Both games were on Friday evenings, both were in September (the 16th and the 7th respectively), and both were against the Marlins. Both years, the Marlins finished in last place in the NL East. The major difference: in 2011 the Nationals were irrelevantly mediocre, and in 2012 they won the NL East. Behold:

Nationals Park 9.16.2011

Nationals Park 9.7.12

That is what a .605 winning percentage does to a stadium. The Marlins do not need to relocate, they just need to win.

Author: Steve Miller

Steve Miller has been baseball blogging since 2011. He is the Sports Editor at the University of Dayton's Flyer News. Email: h2rsteve@gmail.com

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