Marlins avoid arbitration with Stanton, Cishek, Dunn

The Marlins announced three new deals Friday afternoon before the 1 p.m. arbitration deadline. Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Dunn, and Steve Cishek all signed one-year contracts to avoid arbitration.

Stanton’s deal is worth $6.5 million, and according to Clark Spencer it is the second-largest deal for a Marlins’ first-year arbitration player. Miguel Cabrera signed a $7.4 million contract in his first year of eligibility.

Cishek and Dunn will hold down the fort in Miami’s bullpen this year with their respective $3.8 and $1.4 million deals.

It was reported that Stanton would not likely sign a long-term contract with Miami this year, or possibly any year until he is eligible for free agency at the end of the 2016 season. If the Marlins don’t improve their overall performance dramatically before that time, they are in danger of losing one of the best players the team has ever seen.

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