2014: Let’s start at the very beginning

For someone with so many thoughts, I really don’t speak that often. But that’s just a product of my phlegmatic temperament. However, I do write often. In fact, I have been writing down my thoughts in the form of short stories, journal entires, and now blog posts ever since I could hold a pencil and comprehend my own desires. And that’s why it’s such a pleasure to write about a few of my favorite things–the greatest sport on the planet and the Miami Marlins.

So thank you to all the readers who appreciated my thoughts and bumped Fish Fry up to #26 on the 2013 rankings. I promise to make this year even more informative, adventurous, and exciting.

Paul and I are in the red
Paul and I are in red

But before I kick that off, I have to give a shout out to my partner-in-crime Paul Fritschner, a die-hard Nats fan, who acts as listener and critic of my every baseball thought. Paul started his own site on MLBlogs, which I’m sure will impress, and likely surpass mine as the Nationals fan base and league presence is rapidly growing. Make sure you check out his work at Our National(s) Pastime.

Paul and two other, less baseball-savvy friends attended a Marlins-Nats game with me in September (above photo), which resulted in one of the most fantastic and entertaining evenings of my young life, and a really fun blog post to chronicle it.

Paul and I also write about athletics for our school at The John Paul Wolf Pack.

So check out his work, and keep coming back here and I’ll try to boost my stats with more about the Nationals, Braves, and whoever else fans actually care about while I sprinkle in some Marlins articles for my own entertainment.

You stay classy, Baseball Fans.

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