The Top Step: An Original Podcast

Paul at Nationals ParkMe outside Roger Dean StadiumIn an effort to spice things up here in my baseball media world, I’ve decided to–at least for a short time–start a podcast in which I will discuss various aspects of the lovely game of baseball and interesting headlines in the sport. I can’t take all the credit, though. A while back, Paul Fritschner told me he was starting his own blog and proposed the idea of a podcast. But between baseball, school, and our otherwise busy schedules, it never got off the ground. But a few days ago, I remembered his idea when I read the most fascinating piece of baseball literature ever. We were able to get together, find a special guest for our premier show, and discuss the topic at quite a length.

This first podcast should be uploaded in the near future and is about 40 minutes long. I did not intend for it to go that long, but it happened that we were just too interested. And I doubt the subsequent shows will be any longer than 20 minutes each until we find another deep and fascinating subject to discuss.

Now, about the name of the show: The Top Step. For anyone who has not played baseball, the top step of the dugout is where discussions and analysis among players and coaches is most prevalent and influential. It’s where the leadoff batter, after returning to the dugout, will inform the cleanup hitter what kind of movement the pitcher has on his fastball. It’s where the the manager will signal across the diamond to the third base coach to relay a hit-and-run play to the batter and runner. It’s where the starting pitchers who are not in the game chill out and make fun of their teammate on the hill. It’s the Fertile Crescent of baseball knowledge and it’s a fitting name for a show where Paul and I plan to discuss all things baseball. So it’s our hope that you, as potential listeners, will learn something on The Top Step and take part in the fun and relaxing tradition of baseball.

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