The Top Step: Marlins and Nationals with Rich Waltz

Me and Paul with Rich WaltzPaul and I were set to attend the Marlins and Nats game on May 28th and record our second podcast about our two favorite clubs. But just for the sake of it, we each contacted commentators from our team to see if they’d be willing to sit down with us and chat for a podcast. We were incredibly fortunate as both Rich Waltz–Marlins TV man–and Dave Jageler–Nationals radio commentator–were willing to be interviewed.

At 4:30 we arrived at Nationals Park and met up with Jageler in left field. We sat down behind section 105 and chatted for about half an hour. A little after 5:00, Rich came down and met with us in the same spot. Batting practice was going on during these interviews, which seem to be made better by the baseball white noise that can be heard underneath the voices.

Our show with Jageler will be out in a few days, but right now here is the podcast with Rich. Topics include: Things to do in Seattle, Stanton at Nationals Park, Jose Fernandez, “His name is Dan Uggla!,” the Racing Presidents, and more. Enjoy:

To clarify, I call Rich “Blue Danube” after the Johann Strauss song “The Blue Danube Waltz.”

And be sure to check out this exclusive video clip from our recording:

Thanks of course to both Rich and Dave for generously giving their time to us and engaging us in some awesome baseball conversations. Also, thank you to the entertaining usher in section 105 who at first reluctantly wiped down some seats for us, but soon realized he was in elite company. And thanks to my bud Kelly for the free tickets, and to God for holding off the rain.

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