Seattle Game 2 Pictures: Twins at Mariners 7.8.14

My dad took Joe and me back to Safeco Field for game 2 of the series against the Twins in our last full day in Seattle. We bought $15 scalp tickets off the street and sat again in section 119 along the first base line. I never imagined seat upgrading would be so easy here considering the Mariners’ success this season, but we were never questioned about our tickets.

The highlights of the night: 1)Brad Miller threw me a ball before the game, so naturally I was way more excited than a 17-year-old should be about getting a free baseball. 2) We got a picture with the Mariner Moose so my mom would be satisfied she had something to scrapbook. 3) Only two runs were scored for the second straight night and the Twins won 2-0. 4) And I’m likely the only one who cares, but the Twins’ first run came on a solo shot by Sam Fuld who drilled a liner over the right-cente field fence, just out of Michael Saunders’ reach. The previous night, Saunders had hit a homer to right-center field just out of Fuld’s reach. Payback? And finally 5) It was Bark in the Park night. I added one token canine picture.

I never thought I’d say this, but the Mariners and Twins should have taken scoring lessons from Germany’s soccer team. For the first time in my life I enjoyed watching futbol-ers score more than a baseball team…or TWO teams combined over TWO games.

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