Psych Filming Locations and Canadian Baseball in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia was the next stop on my family’s Pacific Northwest road trip after the stay in Seattle. And even while this segment included baseball, I was more thrilled to visit filming locations from the popular USA Network show Psych. Running from 2006 to 2013, Psych was a crime comedy that chronicled a fake psychic detective and his Watson-esque sidekick as the pair solved crimes with the Santa Barbara police department. However, only aerial images on the show were actually filmed in Santa Barbara as the rest of the filming took place in Canada. The following slideshow has pictures of the locations that I took juxtaposed with shots from actual episodes of Psych.

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Fun story: The Vancouver Canadians are the short season class-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, and I did not even know the Me and Joe with Ryan McBroom at the gameteam existed until I mentioned my travel plans to a friend shortly before I left. As it turns out, the Canadians’ first baseman is Ryan McBroom, a resident of Fredericksburg, VA. In fact, he attended the same middle school that all my brothers and I did. I knew he was drafted by Toronto, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn he was playing in Vancouver. McBroom won Player of the Week honors for the Northwest League for the week June 23-29. He was presented the award after the game I attended. Vancouver unfortunately lost the game to the Everett Aquasox (gotta love the minor league team names), but it was cool to be there nonetheless. Another point of interest: the stadium accepts American currency, and I imagine the Rogers Centre in Toronto does as well.

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2 thoughts on “Psych Filming Locations and Canadian Baseball in Vancouver

  1. Awesome. Thanks for the slides …. Always wondered where they shot some of those great Psyche episodes!

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