Five Years Deep-Fried: Recapping half a decade of blogging

This month marks the fifth anniversary of this blog and the start of the greatest writing project I’ve taken on in my life. I was a freshman in high school when my dad suggested that I start a baseball blog, combining the sport with my passion for writing. The timing couldn’t have been better as the Marlins were re-branding and preparing to open up Marlins Park in 2012.

Readership spiked in November 2011 when Jeffrey Loria resurrected the Miami Marlins like an overzealous, Marlins Parktechnicolor phoenix from the ashes of the team formerly known as Florida. On 11.11.11, the new logo and uniforms were unveiled in an intense ceremony at the to-be-completed Marlins Park, and I went crazy and wrote three blog posts in one day!

2012 was bad year for the Fish, but a decent year for me. I documented my first ever trip to Miami and, to this day, my only trip to Marlins Park. In addition, I saw games at Dodger Stadium and PETCO Park. And then in October, I made one of the best decisions for the sake of my blog and wrote an in-depth analysis of the Nationals Park seating chart, which is far and away my most viewed post. Trust me, if you want to pick a good seat for a Nationals game, give it a read.

2013 and 2014 were absolute blurs of years as high school wound down for me. On “college trips” I got to see a few games at Turner Field, and I made another Spring Training trip to Florida in 2014. In May of 2014, Paul and I Space Coast Stadiumproduced the initial episodes of “The Top Step,” a podcast-type thing that will hopefully take off when we find inordinate amounts of time to spend on such an endeavor.

Later that summer, my family took a trip to the great Northwest where I saw two games at Safeco Field and even a minor league game in Vancouver, Canada. Seattle is a gorgeous city and the Mariners officially became my favorite American League team.

In the fall of 2014 I started college at the University of Dayton as well as my writing with Flyer News, the student newspaper at UD. I primarily covered the women’s basketball team throughout my first year, and they thrillingly advanced to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament.

Media pass in press boxFlyer News really helped me appear as an authentic journalist because in June 2015, I attended a Washington Mystics game as a member of the press to cover the two Flyers who were drafted to the WNBA. It was my first time covering a professional sporting event as a member of the media.

I soon graduated to the big leagues (lol) when I applied for a credential to an August game between the Nationals and Diamondbacks. My official “reason” for covering the game was to write about the Jayson Werth Chia Pet promotion, but that soon evolved into me just milking the press experience for what it was. We’ll see if they ever let me back.

In all, I’m quite pleased with how I’ve been able to keep up journalism as a hobby while actually studying engineering and trying to make the world a better place in that regard. I’ve had some awesome experiences as a journalist, or a blogging student pretending to be a journalist, but I still don’t believe it’s an industry into which I should fully immerse myself.

One of my favorite movies, Hitch, provides an excellent perspective on journalism. Max, an editor-in-chief, reminds his young gossip columnist “There is more to life than to watch other people live it.”

And that’s really the beauty of what this blog is. I can live my life and write about what I want, free from the pressures of organized media. So thank you for any and all of the time you’ve spent reading over the past five years, and I look forward to the many more posts to come!

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