Episode 1: Craig Stammen on The Top Step

The best part about my job as Flyer News‘ sports editor is that I get to throw around my position title as though I’m actually a respected member of the media. Whether or not people fall for that is up to them. But it was good enough to land me an interview with Craig Stammen at Nationals Park on May 26.

We hope you enjoy our preliminary baseball banter alongside a splendid interview with Stammen.

First, we introduce the podcast with some talk from around the MLB. (0:33-7:28) Next is my interview with Stammen, where Craig talks about his return to the big leagues after injury (7:28-10:30). Finally, a little wrap-up including my misadventures with the Dayton volleyball team (10:30-18:34).

You can read my story on Stammen here: Former Flyer Stammen Returns ‘Home’ to D.C.

As mentioned in the episode, Stammen’s wife drained a hole-in-one during the couple’s honeymoon to Hawaii. The video went viral, and even appeared on TIME.com.

And if you’re interested in reading my volleyball story that caused all the stir, check it out here: Sporch Profile.

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