Episode 2: Baseball A-Migos with Cook & Sons

Less than two hours after I interviewed Craig Stammen, I talked with Todd Cook and his grade school-aged kids during batting practice. Tim (11) and Kellan (6) are some of the best-traveled baseball fans in the country. Their father’s love for the game has led the trio all over the map to enjoy snagging dingers, meeting players, and eating ice cream all the while.


The boys are back! The audio quality is a little better, but it will be MUCH better starting with Episode 3.

We intro the interview and do some quick-hitters (0:55-2:40). Steve catches up with a baseball family who has traveled the country (2:40-15:00). Paul and Steve talk about their favorite baseball stadiums (15:00-18:00). Later, Paul teaches Steve about Migos, Future, and astronomy, and the guys debate which Snapchat stories are worth watching (18:00-24:00).

We hope you’re as entertained by this conversation as we were!

If you’re interested, let us know what your favorite ballpark is, and why! My personal list is HERE.

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