Episode 3: Dissecting Baseball’s Borders

In April of 2014, The New York Times published a fascinating study done by Tom Giratikanon, Josh Katz, David Leonhardt, and Kevin Quealy. They looked at the distribution of baseball fans according to team, by zip code and county. Their data is compiled in an interactive map (link below). So Paul and I discussed with special guest Ms. Emma Boyle as our human geography correspondent.


We’re back, back again. A little TBT for you. Paul and Steve revisit a conversation from 2014 where they looked at the dispersion of fandom of MLB’s teams throughout the country. After they introduce the show (0:00-2:20), they look at Red Sox Nation versus Yankee Country (2:20-6:45), the great state of Texas (6:45-10:35), Cubs and Cardinals fans (10:35-13:50), Braves Country (13:50-15:00), and Washington, D.C. (15:00-20:13).

Then, Ms. Emma Boyle joins the show to talk about some more human geographical elements of the study (20:13-22:45). Finally, the guys bring it back to 2017 to talk about MLB Players’ Weekend (22:45-32:05).

The main article can be viewed here: Up Close on Baseball’s Borders

And the map is HERE

Throughout the map, the gray area between fan nations is where the Yankees hold the largest percentage of Facebook likes. And the Red Sox are generally the second-most popular team in these regions.

For your reference, here are a few of the specific regions we discussed:

The Red Sox-Yankees line that snakes around Hartford, CT

Red Sox-Yankees

The Orioles-Nationals line that is much closer to DC than it is to Baltimore. The O’s larger territory is due in part to the fact that Washington was without a baseball team for over 30 years.Orioles-Nationals line

The Mets-Phillies/Sub-Hoagie line:


The sad map of Florida baseball fans:

Florida Baseball Fans

Of course, thanks to Ms. Boyle for her expert insight and ever-articulate analysis and the folks at The New York Times for doing this fascinating study. And make sure you keep checking back here for more posts and podcasts.

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