Episode 4: The Babe, the Broadcast, and the Bullpen

Did you miss our latest podcast from last Friday? No need to worry, because you can listen to it at the bottom of this post. We had a lot of fun with this one, and the audio quality was a whole lot better. Everything’s trending up…we hope. We’re going to do our best to stick to this Friday schedule. And we do have some pretttay good guests lined up for the coming weeks – stay tuned.

There was no guest on this week’s show, so instead, Steve and I talked about a TED talk that discussed modern athletes and how technology is improving to help athletes in this day and age. That led us into a debate about Babe Ruth and his dominance during that stage of the game. Yeah, it’s probably hard to compare different era’s of the game, but we talked about it nonetheless. Here’s the TED talk if you want to watch it first:

Aaaannnddd here’s the podcast description:

Was Babe Ruth really that good?! Well, yeah he was. But how good? Buckle up. The guys discuss a TED talk that you can watch before you listen here. We talk about Babe Ruth, new baseball vs. old baseball, modern athletes, and the baseball GOAT (1:25-11:30). Then it’s a story about one of Paul’s baseball game broadcasts (11:30-14:20). Back to modern baseball and how players are less fat and more built than ever (14:20-17:30). The Nats bullpen is BAD and we tried to figure it out (17:30-end). Enjoy!

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