Episode 5: Dave Jageler – Washington Nationals Radio Voice

It’s not Friday, but there is a new podcast! Steve was out of town for the week so we’re a day late, but we’ll be back on schedule next week. Today’s episode is a really great interview with Dave Jageler, one of two radio voices for the Washington Nationals. He’s been with the Nationals since 2006, and together with Charlie Slowes, the radio team for the Nationals has turned into one of the best in baseball.

Podcast description:

Audio Quality = 10/10 from here on out. Today’s episode is another throwback to our 2014 interview with Dave Jageler, one of the two radio broadcasters for the Washington Nationals.

We intro the podcast (0:00 – 0:52). Then it’s right into our interview with Dave, where we talk about his history in broadcasting, how he got his start, his relationship with fellow radio voice Charlie Slowes, and some other topics along the way (1:13 – 23:48). Paul makes fun of himself for how ridiculous he sounded three years ago (23:48 – 25:56). Steve and Paul talk about their dynamic from back then (25:56 – 27:12). It’s a funny story about Dave tipping the usher for the interview (27:12 – 28:59). A story about Jayson Werth’s walk-off home run in Game 4 of the 2012 NLDS, you can see that video here, and Nook Logan’s horrible mistake rounding third ten years ago, video here (28:59 – end).

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Next week our podcast features another interview from that same day in 2014, but with the Miami Marlins’ TV broadcaster Rich Waltz.

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