Episode 6: God Bless America’s Pastime

An unforeseen dream of mine came true this week when I introduced a British friend to the sport of baseball. Lewis Dowle came to the U.S. to volunteer at the Catholic Diocese of Arlington’s Work Camp, and I jumped on an opportunity to take him to his first ever baseball game.

Work Camp at Aces GameLewis was an absolute hoot and a half chatting about baseball and America, exhibiting his quick wit comparing our country’s culture with his.

He wrote a book, Essentials for Catholic Teens (available on Amazon), which includes content from 19 authors from eight countries and four continents.

Lewis also articulated his desire to dabble in rap, so he solicited my writing services and then spat this rhyme about his trip to America:


While we were at the Alexandria Aces game, Lewis took an incredible slow-motion video of a truly bizarre hit-by-pitch:


We hope you enjoyed this show as much as we did!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 6: God Bless America’s Pastime

  1. Yes! Baseball and Catholics are a good mix

    1. They really are! Glad you liked it 🙂

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