Episode 9: Scott Allen of the Washington Post

When we went down to the Washington Post’s offices to interview Dan Steinberg, I was hoping we would run into Scott Allen. Sure enough we did, and we had a chance to get him on for an interview that ended up being 10/10. You can listen to the podcast in this post below, or you can listen on iTunes.

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The conversation with Scott includes everything from the Jayson Werth Garden Gnome article, how he finds stories to write about, a little bit of Nationals talk, and other stuff thrown in as well (1:05 – 16:55). Then Steve and Paul talk a little bit more about the behind-the-scenes of the day, and they mix in some baseball chatter as they close out the podcast (16:55-23:13).

Thanks again to Scott for joining us – something tells me this may not be the last time he makes an appearance on the show.

2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Scott Allen of the Washington Post

  1. UMMMM..OK, the last podcast, Steve insulted the interviewee by stating journalists are weird. In this one he implied homeschoolers have no social skills. Just sayin’.

    1. Paul Fritschner July 18, 2017 — 5:46 pm

      Looks like Steve’s falling down a rabbit hole here Mrs. Miller – might want to reel him back in.

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