Episode 12: Playoff Time

October is a packed month. The leaves change colors, the temperature dips into hoodie weather, and baseball’s playoffs get underway. For the first time, the Washington Nationals have made the playoffs in back-to-back years. There’s a lot of talk about that and much more on the newest episode of The Top Step.

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It’s Fall Break at school…that means it’s time for playoff baseball. Paul and Steve are here for all things playoffs, especially with the Nats.

First, the story about last year’s NLDS and how Steve flooded/destroyed Paul’s bathroom (0:50-7:10). Paul talks all things Nationals, the D.C. playoff drought, and his hopes for this year’s NLDS (7:10-14:34). Steve and Paul talk a little more about the Nats and how they match up against the Cubs (14:34-22:02). They talk about the Wild Card: how great the games have been and if they should celebrate after winning it, also some talk about the Twins (22:02-28:46). Last, a quick chat about the NL MVP race (28:46-32:15).

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