About Steve Miller

I spent seven of the first 10 years of my life in the Marshall Islands, where my affinity for baseball grew on the fields next to the ocean and I was under no influence of a home team. My mom, though, grew up in Florida, where I was born, and after I had my first Marlins hat and experienced real-life Marlins at the marina, my Fish fandom blossomed.Bigej-me on boat

After my family moved back to the United States, I spent the rest of my childhood in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where Nationals Park is the closest baseball destination. There’s nothing like summer nights in the ballpark, subject only to the sounds and smells of the best game on Earth.

I love traveling, a trait that stems from my childhood in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where I mingled with people who had lived and visited the far reaches of the planet.

Now a student at the University of Dayton, I write sports stories for the student newspaper, and continue my baseball journey in the heart of Reds country.

The Marlins, despite their bad reputation and recent struggles, remain my favorite team. I must say, though, it’s nice to call the Washington Nationals my second-favorite as they’ve truly been the best, and only, “home team” I’ve ever experienced. When the Marlins changed their color scheme in 2012, I started paying attention to the Seattle Mariners, who sport the teal I wish Miami had kept. Seattle, for that and other reasons, is my favorite American League club and third favorite team overall.

Me with Brad Miller ballI’m not a journalism major and I’ve never lived in Miami, but this blog is where the Marlins and sports writing come together for me. I love baseball and I love traveling, so I hope you’ll find my most exciting posts to be those regarding my travel to baseball stadiums around the country. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope I can shed a refreshing perspective on the greatest game every played.

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