About The Top Step

As former high school baseball players whose dreams reached beyond the dirt of the diamond, Paul Fritschner and Steve Miller are embarking on a joint media venture, documenting their journeys from the dugout to the pressbox.

Steve Miller has long been a fan of the Miami Marlins and melds his passion for sports and journalism in order to practice the social skills his engineering discipline won’t let him develop. He served as the Sports Editor at the University of Dayton’s Flyer News for two years and has been blogging since 2011.

Paul Fritschner is a 6’3″, blonde-haired, blue-eyed budding broadcaster. When he’s not shagging foul balls outside Pfitzner Stadium, he’s calling games for Xavier University.

If Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School were any richer, Paul and Steve would have met on the top step of the dugout. Instead, it was between an aluminum bench and a chain-link fence way too high to hop in the event of the walk-off that never came in their years of high school baseball.

Glamorized, the top step of the dugout is where discussions among teammates are most prevalent and influential. It’s where the leadoff batter, after returning to the dugout, will inform the cleanup hitter of the pitcher’s movement. It’s where the the manager will signal a hit-and-run across the diamond. It’s where the starting pitchers on rest make fun of their colleague on the hill. It’s the Fertile Crescent of baseball knowledge and a fitting name for a site and podcast where Paul and Steve discuss all things baseball. So it’s our hope that you, as potential readers and listeners, will learn something on The Top Step and take part in the fun and relaxing tradition of baseball.

Steve’s sports writing highlights:

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Paul’s broadcasting highlights:

Basketball and Baseball radio play-by-play

Television demos


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