Maps by Locals

It’s the ivy at Wrigley Field, the Western Metal Supply Co. facade in San Diego. It allows for a home run to land on Lansdowne Street or splash into McCovey Cove. It’s the shadows of the Roberto Clemente Bridge and the St. Louis Arch. It generates previously unknown terms like Trash Pandas, Baby Cakes, and Flying Chanclas.

It’s a charming embrace between baseball and the American locales that host it.

From a ballpark architect’s flexibility in urban design to the eyebrow-raising nicknames that trend the minor leagues, baseball is far and away America’s most localized sport.

And that’s why its travelers appreciate local recommendations.

Here at The Top Step, we’re all about asking the real questions, having authentic conversations, and finding productive answers. So if you find yourself traveling to any of our favorite towns, big or small, we hope you’ll heed our advice and pay visit to the restaurants, parks, bars, and shops that make a city its own.

To get things rolling, we’ll be posting custom Google Maps with local recommendations from cities big and small across the country. If you’re traveling, you can use the “add to my maps” feature in the Google Maps menu to save the map on your device.

Recent City Maps

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