City Map: Fredericksburg, Virginia

The team formerly known as Potomac vacated the congested commercialization of northern Virginia for the slightly less congested, more quaint Fredericksburg following the 2019 baseball season.

Since 2020 was what it was, I’m hoping road trippers and minor league baseball fans can take advantage of this map in 2021.

Fredericksburg is in fact my hometown, so I took great pleasure in curating this collection of eats and activities in what I call the great Yankee-Dixie estuary.

Best Pizza: Primavera

Their downtown location on William St. provides a nice, colonial setting for a thin-crust, not-too-greasy za. My brother Joe might be a better authority on this subject, as a former delivery driver. He’d likely recommend Benny’s, which, with its oversized slices and long lines does attract visitors. Recently opened, The Mellow Mushroom also throws its hat in the Fredericksburg pizza ring.

Best Coffee Shop: Hyperion

Stop in for a large menu of coffee and specialty drinks. There is ample indoor and outdoor seating right in the heart of Fredericksburg’s leisurely historic district. For something more low-key, check out Agora, closer to the train station.

Best View: Chatham Manor

This historic mansion, which survived both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, is seated on a bluff just across the Rappahannock River from downtown Fredericksburg. With its period cannons and views of the old town steeples, it’s a popular picture spot and enjoyable afternoon retreat.

Best Day Trip: Old Rag Mountain

This strenuous, but doable, hike is about a 90 minute road trip west from the burg. It provides satisfying views of the Shenandoah Valley and is quite popular among ambitious youth willing to wake early for an unparalleled sunrise perspective.

Best Ice Cream: Carl’s

A retro frozen custard stand since 1947, Carl’s draws lines of patrons during its season from February to November. Its iconic neon sign and thick custard are hallmarks of Fredericksburg.

While you’re here: Go west

As nice as downtown Fredericksburg is, it’s small and can be easily enjoyed in a simple day. To the north and south, the I-95 corridor is rather bland. And the rivers and bay to the east aren’t iconic. But a quick drive west will transport you into a serene country of rolling hills, wineries, and tons of history. Luray Caverns, Monticello, and Shenendoah National Park are just a few such destinations.

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