Opening Night is Two Months Away

With just 57 days left until Opening Night, Marlins Park is looking magnificent. The home run feature/fountain is complete with circus decorations, marlins, and flamingos. The jumbotron and auxiliary scoreboards are all on with the colorful new logo, and the park is looking like the dream facility it was meant to be.

But it’s the grass that has really characterized the park’s progress in the last few weeks. On Thursday and Friday, sod was laid in the infield and outfield; surface preparation will continue into next week. As Marlins’ President David Samson said this week, “the one thing you need to play baseball [is] grass…and base paths, and today we have it.” The newly-laid green blanket is a type of Bermuda grass called “celebration.” Samson stressed the need of the grass to grow to at least 3/4 inch length. At that length, the Marlins management feels that Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio’s speed value will be maximized.

As beautiful as the interior of the building is coming, the exterior looks just as nice. It transforms the Miami skyline, as Jeffrey Loria had hoped. Take a look at this gorgeous exterior construction photo:


For fresh pictures of both the interior and exterior of Marlins Park, make sure you check out the New Ballpark Webcam.

If I lived in south Florida, I would have bought a 20 or 10-game plan to ensure I had tickets for Opening Night, but unfortunately my Virginia residence is not suitable for frequent Miami trips. Single game tickets to the April 4th opener will be distributed through a lottery system, which I entered the instant I learned registration was open. If there is anyone out there who has the power to get me into Opening Night, just know that I’ve wanted to go since I found out the Marlins were building a new park.

In other news, Jose Reyes cut his dreadlocks in accordance with the Marlins’ grooming restrictions. Reyes’ locks were cut live on MLB Network Friday night. And there are just days remaining until Marlins Spring Training kicks off in Jupiter, Florida. The new-look Miami Marlins will take the field in mid-February.

5 thoughts on “Opening Night is Two Months Away

  1. You can easily buy tickets to any game on the site I’m sending you. My family used it last year snd sat in 2nd row in Atlanta to a Marlin game and met the announcers, got all sorts of autographs and had a great time. Yes, the tickets cost much more, but how often do you do it? I recommend it. There are other sites as well but prices are about the same. Season ticket holders are brokering their tickets when they can’t go themselves. Hope this helps. I liked the tickets in first row right over the bullpen myself.

    1. Thanks, I’ll look into it. Regardless of which game I attend, I intend to visit the new park in April.

  2. Really? Two whole months away?! As someone who went down to Miami last year, I can only attest to the first-hand exterior beauty of their new ballpark. It looked pretty nice. As for the inside, I hope to find out this year for myself, but I may or may not have the chance.

    1. It really does look amazing from the outside. I can’t wait for the season to start!

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