Marlins unveil 2017 All-Star Game logo

The Miami Marlins unveiled the logo to be used for the 2017 All-Star Game prior to Wednesday’s matinee matchup against the Philadelphia Phillies. 2017’s MLB All-Star Game will take place in Miami on Tuesday, July 11.

Marlins all star logo

This logo differs a little bit from All-Star logos of recent years since it doesn’t resemble a seal or shield. Instead, a star sporting Miami’s colors frames the words “2017 Miami All-Star Game.” And the leaping Marlin seen on Miami’s caps tops off the nifty logo.

It’s simple, and I’m a big fan of it.

I’ve actually been unable to watch any of the All-Star Games since 2013 due to a variety of reasons. But I’m going to ensure that I have next year’s game blocked off on my calendar well in advance. And if Giancarlo Stanton’s performance at the 2016 Home Run Derby is any precursor, I will make sure to have the night of July 10 free as well.

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