From Brisbane to the Burg: Erik Bremer on The Top Step

It’s a small booth, more resemblant of an audiogram pod than a broadcast studio, but it’s exactly where Erik Bremer wants to be in 2021. A year after the Fredericksburg Nationals’ inaugural season was put on hold, Bremer is on the microphone at FredNats Ballpark, broadcasting a brand new ball club in a city that loves to host it.

But before he found a home in Fredericksburg, Bremer watched baseball all across the sport’s spectrum. His father has broadcast for the Minnesota Twins since the 1980s, introducing Erik to the sport at the highest level. After college, Bremer covered the Cape Cod League, which he explains is as close to pure baseball as you can find outside of an Iowan cornfield. He also took a couple trips down under to cover the Australian Baseball League’s Brisbane Bandits, who, despite the Coriolis Effect, still run the bases counter clockwise.

Hear all this and more on the latest episode of The Top Step podcast!

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